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After Hallows Fiction Community

A Post War Harry Potter Writing Place Type Thing!

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Harry Potter Post "Deathly Hallows" Fiction
after_hallows is a Harry Potter fiction community, dedicated to the characters lives after Lord Voldemort is defeated by Harry Potter.

This is simply a place to let your imaginations run wild and free, and what happens to the characters within your writing is up to you. Stories do not have to follow each other in plot, characters or anything else - it's up to you what to write about, how to write, and how long you want it to be.

after_hallows offers you the freedom to take your favourite characters lives and take them down a path of your choice - lead them to happiness or complete destruction. But mostly, have fun with it!

1. Try and be as canon and as realistic as possible (i.e. no bringing characters back from the dead), but non-canon characters are welcome
2. Don't steal ideas from your fellow writers - it's just plain not nice to be plagarised
3. Any post over 500 words long should be placed under an LJ cut. Potentially offensive material also must be placed under an LJ cut (no matter what the length), with appropriate warnings on its content (e.g. sexual scenes, disturbing scenes, gory scenes, etc - much like films). Ratings do not really need to be stated; this is up to the individual
4. Do not insult other writers and their work, or the mods; you will be issued with a warning and potentially blocked. We don't like mean people here at after_hallows
5. Good spelling and grammar is essential - no netspeak, n00bs, no l33t and definitely no txt spk!
6. Lastly, and most importantly, have fun and enjoy each others work! Who knows, we might have the next JK in our midsts...

Any concerns, don't hestiate to contact me at my personal journal, shorty_90. Just leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


Affiliated with subolesco - a post-HP book RPG, set in the 21st Century