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05 October 2007 @ 12:23 am
Title: Fireworks
Words: 1,464
Warnings: Swearing, but nothing else
Summary: The Weasleys come apart after the death of Fred...

Enjoy :)

“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…”

Harry tuned in and out to the words spoken by the preacher. Ginny was leaning against him, occasionally sighing and shaking her head. He could feel Hermione next to him, shaking with sobs. He looked over his shoulder at Ron, who stared at his feet with his hands in his pockets the whole time. Harry wrapped an arm around both Hermione and Ginny, and they both looked at him and smiled weakly.

Fred’s coffin was lowered slowly into the ground. Arthur Weasley, Percy, Bill and Charlie had carried it to the church at the top of the hill near The Burrow. George, Ron, Molly and Ginny had followed, and then the congregation afterwards. His friends threw a few treasured possessions into the grave after Fred, and everyone dispersed.

“Oh, and Mrs Weasley would like to remind everyone,” the preacher added, “That there will be a small buffet at the family home, to commemorate. Thank you all very much for attending, on behalf of the Weasley family. Thank you…”

Hermione broke free from Harry and turned around to face Ron. She watched a tear drip off his nose.

“Ronald,” she whispered, trying to catch his hand in hers. He swatted it away and walked down the hill after the crowds. “Ron, aren’t you coming to say your last goodbye?” Hermione called after him. He didn’t reply or acknowledge her; he just kept walking.

The Weasleys minus Ron, Harry and Hermione all peered over the grave. Lee Jordan stood next to George, and clapped him on the back in a manly fashion, though they were both tear-stained and snot-nosed.

“See you, mate,” Bill began.

“Yeah mate, we’ll miss you,” Charlie added.

“Keep smiling,” Percy whispered.

“Won’t be the same without you,” Ginny said. Harry smiled sadly at her and nodded.

“Goodnight, son,” Arthur sighed, “Don’t terrorise the afterlife too much, will you?” he added, jokingly.

“Goodbye, Freddy,” Molly sniffed, “Well… at least I’ll be able to… tell you… and George… apart…” She broke down in sobs, and Arthur escorted her away, smiling apologetically at the others.

“Bye Fred. Only me and George left to sell jokes to the world. Don’t miss us too much, yeah?” Lee said, sniffing after every other word.

“Bye, Fred,” was all Hermione could manage.

“We’ll keep an eye on George. Make sure he lives up to the Weasley Wizarding Wheezes name. He’ll do you proud,” Harry said. Ginny squeezed Harry’s hand tightly, and watched as the others started heading back to the house. George and Lee stood still, staring down into the grave. “Shall we leave you alone with him, George?” Harry asked. George nodded.

“I’ll be at the house, mate,” Lee said, clapping him on the back once again.

“Harry,” George said, “Where’s Ron?”

“He went back. Think it was too much for him. We had a job getting him just to come today,” he explained. George frowned, but let everyone leave.

He said an emotional goodbye to his twin, which lasted well over an hour. Mr Weasley came to look for him, and took him home.


The Weasleys were not themselves for weeks afterwards.

Bill and Charlie had left home again. Percy had returned for good, trying to stay as normal as he could, given the circumstances. He found a job with the Daily Prophet, as a junior reporter. Mr Weasley returned to work in the Ministry, but found he didn’t have much to do. Mrs Weasley abandoned her housework, but Ron soon took over. He scrubbed, washed and cleansed anything that stayed still long enough. George had stayed with Lee Jordan a week, to clear his head in a house that wasn’t too crowded. Ginny locked herself away in Fred and George’s old room, coming out only for meals. She often came down looking singed or itchy, or smelling of something that had gone off.

George returned home, and that’s when he began arguing with Ron. They were pointless arguments, but anything could spark George to shout at his younger brother. Even the simplest of things, like Ron asking him to pass him the peas at the dinner table, turned into a heated argument.

“God, Ronald, you’re so selfish! You just want everything for yourself, all the attention on you! You’re such an up-yourself bastard!”

“George! Please!” Arthur interjected.

“At least I didn’t bugger off for a week, leaving us all here worrying about you! You don’t have the right to be pointing the finger, George!” Ron spat back. Mrs Weasley was sat at her seat in front of the fire. She barely moved. She didn’t cook anymore, she didn’t clean. She just sat, listening to the radio.

“I’ve just lost my brother, Ron!”

“Oh yeah, and what did I lose, a fucking sock? For fuck’s sake, George-”

“Would both of you just shut the fuck up?!” Ginny screeched, “You’re so fucking immature, you’re not helping Mum, are you?!” She pointed desperately to the figure by the fire. “This has really fucked her up, and you’re sitting there bickering like babies!”

“None of this would have started if Ronald would have said a decent goodbye to my brother at his funeral!” George shouted. “And how would you know what’s bothering Mum? You lock yourself away upstairs doing God Knows What in my old room, Ginny!”

“Please!” Arthur protested again, “Don’t swear… it doesn’t help anyone, does it? Now, can we just drop it and eat our meal like a family-”

“A family? How can we be a family when Mum’s sat apart from us and has barely said so much as goodnight since the funeral, Bill and Charlie have fucked off somewhere and Fred is dead?” George asked coolly.

A stony silence followed. All that could be heard was the radio, buzzing in the background, and Arthur and Percy clearing their plates. Ginny, Ron and George didn’t touch their food. Ginny was the first to leave, apologising to Ron for not eating the food he’d prepared.

“S’okay,” he mumbled as Ginny hastily ran upstairs and locked herself away again.

Percy took everyone’s plates away, and he and Arthur did the washing up. Ron and George were left at the table.

“Fred was my brother too,” Ron told George.

“Fred wouldn’t take a cowardly, selfish wanker for a brother,” George seethed.

“You think you’re so hard done by this whole thing,” Ron said, “We’ve all been affected, and we’re all having to cope, alright?”

“You didn’t even want to go to the funeral!”

“Not that you even care why…”

“I know why! Because you wanted some attention, and you couldn’t deal with someone else getting any. It’s not Fred’s fault he’s dead, is it?”

“Oh shut up, George, you know nothing.” Ron got up from the table, but George drew his wand.

“Come back here, I haven’t finished.”

Ron looked at his older brother. “Fine. Jinx me, hex me, even curse me; so long as I don’t have to listen to you banging on about how I didn’t care…”

“Because you didn’t.”

“Because I did, George! You and Fred were the brothers I was closest to, growing up! I looked up to you and admired you two so, so much. And now half of that has gone. A whole person has gone. And I know you were his twin and I’d never understand but… you and Fred are… like my heroes… and now he’s gone and you won’t even talk to me. Jesus… I take flowers to his grave every day, since I know Mum won’t go. I talk to him. I don’t want to say goodbye because, yes, it scares me. It’s so final and I don’t want to believe he’s gone. But I’m trying to get by. So… just do whatever the hell you want to with that wand, I don’t care anymore.”

George lowered his wand. “Ron… I’m sorry…” was all he could manage, before he broke down into tears. Ron walked around the table and hugged his brother tightly, and he cried a little too. They were so absorbed in what had happened, that they barely noticed their mother wrapping her arms around them both, hushing them, comforting them.

“Come on, dears… let’s get you some tea… you must be hungry… I know I could do with some cake…”


Ginny presented the Fred Weasley Memorial Fireworks Display, setting off different coloured, sounding and smelling fireworks in the back garden. The Weasleys, Harry and Hermione all watched, wrapped in blankets and sipping hot chocolate. Even Fleur joined them for the occasion.

“Zey are truly beautiful, non?” she gushed. Bill hugged her closer under their blanket, “She ees just like ‘er brother Fred. Very mischievous but very, very talented.”

George thanked her. “Brilliant, Gin. Just what Fred would want.”
Vampyres and Space Cowboys! Oh My!ed_bb_cullen on October 9th, 2007 04:17 am (UTC)
oh, it made me cry.