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16 August 2007 @ 09:12 pm
Title: NEWTs
Summary: It's exam results season, but one young man didn't live to find out his results.

“Mummy?” a sleepy voice asked. Mrs Crabbe didn’t look up at her young daughter; she continued to stare into her glass of whisky. Hayley repeated herself, and was ignored once more.

“There’s an owl,” her younger… no, only son, told her. It was then that she looked up. Stephen handed her an envelope. Both Stephen and Hayley were stood in the living room, facing their mother, still in their pyjamas. It was barely eight in the morning, and Mrs Crabbe hadn’t been to bed yet.

“It’s for Vince,” Hayley explained.

“Do you want me to o-”

“NO!” Mrs Crabbe shouted. The children jumped. Since their father had disappeared and their brother had been killed in the final battle, their mother had drunk herself into a stupor almost every day. She tried to compose herself. She sniffed, her face tear-stained again. “No, no. Stephen, givvit here…”

She swayed a little, reaching out for the envelope. She snatched it from Stephen’s hand and began opening it. She spilt some whisky on the envelope as she pulled the paper from it.

“What is it, mummy?” Hayley asked. “Is it from his school?”

Mrs Crabbe stared at the writing on the parchment. NEWT results.

Arithmancy – Pass
Potions – Pass
Defence Against The Dark Arts – Pass with Merits

Mrs Crabbe started to cry.

“Mummy… is it bad news?” Hayley asked.

“He… he did so well… I just… I pushed him so hard… but now… he’s not even… I feel so…”

Stephen wrapped his arms around his mother’s neck.

“It’s okay. He really enjoyed magic school. It’s just a shame we can’t go there too, so we can learn all of the things he did,” Stephen said. “Daddy and Vince were so lucky, weren’t they, Mummy?”

Mrs Crabbe nodded. She didn’t know what she’d done to deserve marrying a Wizard who had been intent on following a Dark Lord – so intent that he’d abandoned his family. And Vince had been killed in battle… Now she was stuck to raise two children without a father, while working in a supermarket.

She hated magic.


I found it quite hard to come up with a story for Vincent Crabbe, as we know so little about him. I thought it would be interesting to make him a half-blood, for irony's sake.
Alice Lorna: [HP] Snape; Handslunglock on August 16th, 2007 10:21 pm (UTC)
Half Blood's the only way to be :P

Sadness =[ I wonder what happened to his dad >.>'
Vampyres and Space Cowboys! Oh My!ed_bb_cullen on August 17th, 2007 05:02 am (UTC)
Crabbe and Goyle got such a bad rep for being Draco's flunkies, but imagine how hard it must have been for them. Just... life in general. Death Eater fathers. Being expected to listen to whatever a dorky little boy with a powerful father says. I'm sure they weren't liked very much by ANYONE. It seems to be such a lonely existance, with no one but each other-OMG..... oohhh, pink elephant, pink elephants, NOOOOOO!!! (*translation, slashy images of crabbe and goyle just paraded around my head. i tried to get rid of them by thinking of pink elephants, but then the images were of a crabbe/goyle/pink elephant three-way. ugh.) My brain betrays me on a regular basis.